Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 4-2 (April 2013)Laura I. Kooistra; Marieke van Dinter; Monica K. Dütting; Pauline van Rijn; Chiara Cavallo: Could the local population of the Lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Part 1: The archaeological and historical framework


This study is part of the research project 'A sustainable frontier? The establishment of the Roman frontier in the Rhine delta', which was funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Radboud University Nijmegen, BIAX Consult, the City of Utrecht and the Foundation for Provincial Roman Archaeology.

We would like to thank Willy Groenman-Van Waateringe, Leendert Louwe Kooijmans, Rien Polak and Wouter Vos for there valuable comments on an earlier version of the manuscript. We are also grateful to Sebastian Summer and Sabine Deschler-Erb who were so kind to review this manuscript. Thanks is given to Maaike Groot who translated the text.


Laura Kooistra (corresponding author)

Pauline van Rijn

BIAX Consult, Zaandam ;


Marieke van Dinter

Faculty of Geosciences, Department Physical Geography, Utrecht University,


Monica Dütting

Hazenberg Archeologie Leiden B.V.


Chiara Cavallo

Faculty of Humanities, Department of History, Archaeology and Regional studies

Amsterdams Archeologisch Centrum, University of Amsterdam


Review data

Submission: 29/11/2011

Revision: 23/10/2012

2nd submission: 6/2/2013