Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 4-1 (October 2012)Leo Verhart: Contact in stone: adzes, Keile and Spitzhauen in the Lower Rhine Basin1


For all the help I received for this article I want to thank in alphabetical order: Luc Amkreutz, Fred Brounen, Guido Creemers, Izabel Devriendt, Erik Drenth, Rengert Elburg, Jan Hansen, Sönke Hartz, Leendert Louwe Kooijmans, Medy Oberendorff, Daan Raemaekers, Bart Vanmontfort, Huub Schmitz, Peter Schut, Jo Smeets and Milco Wansleeben. The English text was translated by Hetty Otten-Vogelaar.


Review data:

Submission: 11/1/2012

Revision: 11/3/2012

2nd submission: 1/5/2012