Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 4-2 (April 2013)Martijn van Haasteren; Maaike Groot: The biography of wells: a functional and ritual life history


We would like to thank the following people for allowing us to use their illustrations: Bert Brouwenstijn (VU University Amsterdam), Henk Hiddink (ACVU-HBS), Harry Fokkens (Leiden University), Maaike Sier (BOOR), Laura Kooistra (BIAX), Otto Brinkkemper (RCE), „Mariëtte de Rooij & Eddy Smits (BAAC), Hans de Kievith (municipality of Breda), Miranda de Wit (ARC).


Martijn van Haasteren


Maaike Groot

VU University Amsterdam



Submission: 15/2/2012

Revision: 24/8/2012

2nd submission: 22/12/2012