Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 4-1 (October 2012)Raffaella Bianucci; Don Brothwell; Wijnand van der Sanden; Christina Papageorgopoulou; Paul Gostner; Patrizia Pernter; Eduard Egarter-Vigl; Frank Maixner; Marek Janko; Dario Piombino-Mascali; Grazia Mattutino; Frank Rühlis; Albert Zink: A possible case of dyschondrosteosis in a bog body from the Netherlands


1.Now known as Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie / Groningen Institute of Archaeology.

2.Information provided to one of the authors (WVDS) by F. Kuipers and J. Warmolts, Zweeloo, on February 5 2010.

3.By the time of the discovery the peat bog no longer had its original shape. Topographic maps from the 1920s show that Juffersveen had by then ‘broken up’ into smaller parts.

4. One of the authors (WVDS) searched for such documents in the late 1980s.

5. Calibrated using Wincal25.

6. In a letter to one of the authors (WVDS) he writes that the woman will have been about 1.52 m tall.