Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 3-1 (November 2011)Felix Weijdema; Otto Brinkkemper; Hans Peeters; Bas van Geel: Early Neolithic human impact on the vegetation in a wetland environment in the Noordoostpolder, central Netherlands
3 Methods

Combined micro- and macrofossil diagram

In the diagram (fig. 3), a combination of pollen percentages and macrofossils (numbers) is given. Macrofossils are shown by bars and pollen percentages by lines connecting percentage values. Calculations and visualizations were made using the Tilia software (Grimm 1990). If pollen or seeds were very rare, finds are visualized by a plus (+) symbol. Pollen types with low percentages but with an indicative value were exaggerated five times. This is indicated by an open curve on top of a solid curve. Zonation of the diagram is derived from the CONISS calculations (Grimm 1987). These calculations are based on the taxa in the pollen sum only. The CONISS figure is displayed at the end of the upper half of the diagram.


Figure 3 Microfossil and macroremains diagram from site Schokkerhaven-E170.