Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 2-2 (November 2010)Ton Derks; Wouter Vos: Wooden combs from the Roman fort at Vechten: the bodily appearance of soldiers


This article is a result of an inventory of another category of wooden artefacts from Vechten, the wax tablets, on which we hope to report in the future. Our special thanks go to B. and W. Elberse (Bunnik and Hilversum) for their unreserved readiness to make the objects in their private collection available for research. In addition we want to thank a number of people who helped us in various stages of the research. Mrs J. Hees was most helpful in providing information on the objects in the former collection of the Provinciaal Utrechts Genootschap, now in the possession of the Municipality of Utrecht. The wood species of the combs was determined by dr L.I. Kooistra (BIAX Consult, Zaandam), whom we also wish to thank most gratefully for discussions on wood matters. Caroline Vermeeren (BIAX Consult, Zaandam) brought new finds of combs from the Fayum excavations to our notice and allowed us to mention these in this paper. Howard Williams (Chester) kindly sent us a copy of his article in Early Medieval Europe that was otherwise unavailable to us. All photographs and drawings included in the plates are the work of B. Brouwenstijn (VU University Amsterdam). Dr M. Groot edited the English text.


Ton Derks

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Wouter Vos

Hazenberg Archeologie


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Submission 14/4/2010

Revision 13/7/2010

2nd submission 31/8/2010