Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 2-2 (November 2010)Lucas Meurkens: The late medieval/Early Modern reuse of prehistoric barrows as execution sites in the southern part of the Netherlands


Thanks are due to several people who were of help in writing this article. In the first place, thanks are due to Professor Leendert Louwe Kooijmans for his advice and encouragement. Dr Andrew Reynolds, dr Wijnand van der Sanden, an anonymous reviewer and Ms Priscilla Schoondermark read earlier versions of the text, and thanks to their comments the final version is a great improvement on the original. Richard Jansen and David Fontijn kindly provided the 14C date of the Zevenbergen barrow 7 burial in advance of publication of the excavation report. Of my colleagues at Archol BV, Christian van der Linde provided valuable comments, Alistair Allen and Walter Laan most skillfully translated ideas into beautiful illustrations and our manager Caroline Leeflang kindly subsidised the translation of the text. Susan Mellor translated the text into English.


Lucas Meurkens

Archol BV


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Submission 3/5/2010

Revision 26/6/2010

2nd submission 29/8/2010