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The Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries offers the opportunity to the archaeological community to present its research to a wider, international audience. It will cover the full archaeological time scale, from the earliest Palaeolithic up till investigations of subrecent times, like those of shipwrecks and fortifications. With the 'Low Countries' of the title both The Netherlands, Belgium and adjacent areas are meant, or - in geographical terms - the Lower Rhine Basin. The Journal is open to all contributions on research within or of relevance for this region. The main focus of the journal is our understanding of former societies, their differentiation and changes through time, and their relation to the natural environment, not only within the narrow limits of the main area of interest, but essentially in relation to wider patterns and developments. The Journal welcomes contributions ranging from theoretical reflections, broad overviews and analyses to the presentation of data and (recent) discoveries, which are of more than local interest. The Journal distinguishes main articles of 5000-10.000 words and short contributions of 1000-2500 words.

The Journal is open to contributions of academic level, irrespective of the employment and nationality of the authors. It is explicitly meant for both the academic world as well as those working in the so-called commercial or contractual archaeology. An Editorial Board of seven members, with expertise in the main fields covered by the Journal and supported by an editorial secretary, will be responsible in the first line for the assessment of the relevance of the papers. External peers will assess the papers offered purely on their scientific merits, before they are accepted for publication.

The Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries is basically published as an e-journal, but also available in the Printing on Demand option, both as a subscription on the series as for the individual volumes. There will be two issues each year in May and October.



All editorial correspondence and articles offered for submission should be sent to:

Ms. Dr. Yvonne Lammers-Keijsers
Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries
Amsterdam University Press
Herengracht 221
1016 BG Amsterdam
Telephone: 0031 (0) 20 420 00 50 (AUP Office) or 0031 (0) 71 5234180 (Editor)
Fax: 0031 (0) 20 420 32 14

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not been previously published internationally, and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The author stays the owner of the copyright on his own work.

As author you are responsible for obtaining written permission and meeting any related costs for the use of all materials under copyright (such as illustrations and texts) and for the correct acknowledgements for use. AUP can provide guidelines for requesting legal permission for images and quotations.

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