Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 4-1 (October 2012)Joep Verweij; Wouter Waldus; André van Holk: Continuity and change in Dutch shipbuilding in the Early Modern period. The case of VAL7 and the watership in general.


Our thanks are due to several people who were of help in writing this article. In the first place to Alice Overmeer for offering insights in the variability of shipbuilding within existing shipbuilding traditions, and for the useful editorial comments. Secondly ADC, Periplus and Subcom kindly provided the data of the VAL7 excavation. Finally Kelly Fennema and Wesley van Breda kindly checked the translation of the text into English.


Joep Verweij

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Wouter Waldus

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André van Holk

Groningen Institute of Archaeology


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Submission 1/3/2012

Revision 10/4/2012

2nd submission 25/6/2012