Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 1-2 (November 2009)Liesbeth Troubleyn; Frank Kinnaer; Anton Ervynck; Luk Beeckmans; Danielle Caluwé; Brigitte Cooremans; Frans De Buyser; Koen Deforce; Konjev Desender; An Lentacker; Jan Moens; Gaston Van Bulck; Maarten Van Dijck; Wim Van Neer; Werner Wouters: Consumption patterns and living conditions inside Het Steen, the late medieval prison of Malines (Mechelen, Belgium)


1. All addresses and affiliations refer to the present work situation of the authors.

2. Konjev passed away in the autumn of 2008, at the age of 52, without ever having seen this English

version of his work. We will always remember the pleasure of working with him.

Review data:

Submission 9/6/2009

Revision 8/10/2009

2nd submission 28/10/2009